Are You Ready for College? Join Destination College by the Fulfillment Fund!

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Source: The Fulfillment Fund

Around Fall each year, you can expect to see groups after groups of excited middle and high school students touring college campuses. On October 15, 2016, however, you will see a group of young scholars who are more thrilled than anyone on the campus of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). They are part of Destination College, a special college preparation event sponsored by the Fulfillment Fund, with its inspiring mission to “make college a reality for students growing up in educationally and economically under-resourced communities,” to transform lives and create a ripple effect in the entire community through education.

On its coming 20th anniversary, Destination College will continue to help over 1,500 high school students in Los Angeles prepare for college on the UCLA campus through interactive campus tours, informative workshops, motivational speakers, as well as a huge college fair that gathers representatives from over 75 colleges across the country.

What makes this event so meaningful is that many of these high school students may be the first in their family to apply to and attend a higher education institution. Of all the Fulfillment Fund high school students who graduated in 2015, 96% planned to go to college. With this in mind, it is absolutely rewarding to help these students realize that attending college is something within their reach, and not simply a dream that is unattainable.

Source: The Fulfillment Fund

Source: The Fulfillment Fund

In addition to Destination College, the Fulfillment Fund helps students overcome obstacles and realize their highest academic potential through classroom instruction, mentoring, one-on-one college counseling, as well as experiential learning opportunities. They annually host fundraising events such as the Inspiration Breakfast, Taste of Summer, and even participated in the L.A. Marathon, to raise money to help high school students become college-ready.

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