Fast Networking With Tuesdaynights

On August 31, 2016, Tuesdaynights hosted yet another successful bi-monthly gathering at the Google office in Venice. Sponsored by Google, the Fast Networking event provided an invaluable opportunity for professional women from diverse fields to help and connect with each other.

Tuesday Nights Networking

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Participants were separated into smaller groups for a more intimate discussion, in which they shared questions and concerns about their businesses. Other female leaders then provided them with insights and advice on navigating through the business world. One of the participants was Cassandra Krause, Vice President Development at Fulfillment Fund, who pitched for other companies to help under-resourced teens obtain internships. Another participant had questions about the costs and risks associated with the hiring process, and was provided with a solution by Melinda Moore, one of the co-founders of Tuesdaynights and an award-winning social entrepreneur.


Tuesdaynights Fast Networking


About Tuesdaynights

Tuesdaynights is an invite-only community of female executives and entrepreneurs. From its very inception in 2013, it has been dedicated to supporting women and fostering a collaborative environment in which they can network and build lasting relationships with each other. For the last three years, Tuesdaynights has been instrumental in connecting professional women from various industries, from media, PR, advertising, fashion, nonprofit, venture capital, entertainment, to ecommerce, technology and mobile.

As a big supporter of giving back to the community and assisting the underprivileged, Tuesdaynights has raised over $1,500 for Step Up Women’s Network to make one girl’s dream to attend college become reality. In addition to that, it has donated and raised a significant sum for to buy essential equipment for a new clinic in a third world country. Other nonprofit organizations it has supported or featured include A Window Between Worlds, Tory Burch Foundation, I Have A Dream Foundation, Foster Care Counts, and many more.